“Freshest hamburgers in town!”
"This SPOT has the best Pancakes…they’re Big, soft, moist n fluffy! Theses pancakes taste better than @ Ihop!"

"I LOVE IT HERE! I come here at least once a week. Why?? Because the food is great but the prices are even better. Everyone that works here is really nice and they have great breakfast burritos for $2.99!!! You cant beat that! I heart this place :)"

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"I would recommend the following items: Frozen strawberry lemonade, chili cheese fries, super burger, combo quesadilla, combo salad, and torta."

"CHICKEN AVOCADO BURGER..!!!! I absolutely love it, there fries are awesome as well.. Plus they have my favorite drink, blue powerade.. Lol besides the new in-n-out in south gate I would say that they are the number 1 spot for burgers.."

"Love, Love, LOVE this place! I’ve almost tried everything on the menu, and haven’t been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten so far. It can get kind of busy around lunch and dinner time, but other than that, pretty speedy service."

This place is LEGIT. I come here once a week, and have been for almost 2 years. And i always order a grilled cheese combo and its only $3.81. Its cheap and the best part is that they have awesome thousand island. Someone fat like me, uses it as a dip for fries!

"Toms Jr is the #1 best burgers in town I always get the burger combo is the bomb,
Meat taste good the seasoning, fresh lettuce tomatoe, and the sauce mmm the fries are delicious.
Im telling you is a must try burger joint and the Fish sandwiches are the bomb Mc Donnalds Filet O Fish aint got nothing on this."

"I love this place! I don’t go no where else! Hands down the best hamburgers. They’re sauce is amaze balls. I get some for the fries too and I think their ranch is homemade cuz it’s delish. Their chicken salads are well worth the $8. It has a lot of chicken. Their onion rings are great."

"The people & food make this place an awesome neighborhood place. Will be back on thursday…"

"I love the Super Burger combo and their amazing french fries, however sometimes when i ask for no dressing they fail to listen. Very cheap price to pay for a good amount of food however they are stingy about the amount of ketchup that they give. I would recommend eating here, especially when you’re craving a big burger."

"My Favorite Burger in the town. Highly recommended!​"

"Great Food! Volcano Burger is the Business :)"

"Love coming here. Great food at a great price. I love their chicken tacos and sandwich. If I’m really hungry I get the Champions special. If you havent had it before. Get it."